Wednesday 6 December 2017

Oxford University Press Pakistan launches piracy awareness song

Oxford University Press Pakistan (OUP) believes book piracy poses a major threat to the local book publishing industry and is hence actively involved in efforts to curb this menace in Pakistan.

As a part of its continuous Copyright Awareness programme, OUP launched the video of the song Lafz written, composed, and performed by the singer and social activist, Shehzad Roy. The song was launched at an intellectual property training workshop for judicial members organised by multiple interested agencies within Pakistan.

A spokesperson for OUP said: "The objective behind producing this song is to create awareness among the public about how book piracy adversely affects students and teachers, and deprives authors of their reward and motivation to write. Using evocative imagery and an engaging storyline, the song highlights that book piracy is a crime and destroys creativity. The song reinforces the idea that intellectual property rights must be respected because writers producing original and creative works increase our knowledge"    

Book piracy constitutes a punishable offence in Pakistan, under the Copyright Ordinance 1962 and the Pakistan Penal Code 1860. Infringements of intellectual property rights cause massive losses to the publishing industry, authors, the Pakistan government, as well as the parents and students who are cheated into buying sub-standard pirated books.

Check out the video here.