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Rosie Milne
Asian Books Blog was created by Rosie Milne in 2013 as a platform to share English language news about literature and publishing in Asia, excluding West Asia (the Middle East).

Rosie is a British expat currently living in Singapore. She has previously lived in Tokyo and Hong Kong. She has written for a variety of publications in the UK and Hong Kong, and is a regular contributor to Asian Review of Books.

Her three novels are: How To Change Your Life, Holding the Baby, and Olivia & Sophia

Lucía Damacela
Lucía Damacela’s poetry and prose have won and been shortlisted for several international awards. Her work has been published in English and Spanish in more than a dozen countries, in over thirty online and print venues such as Cha, Into the Void, Bath Flash Fiction Anthology, and two collections curated by The Singapore Writers Group: Rojak in 2014, and Tales of Two Cities (Ethos Books) in 2016. Lucía blogs and tweets.
Raelee Chapman
Raelee Chapman is an Australian writer living in Singapore. Her short stories have been published in the Australian literary journals Southerly, Westerly and Mascara Literary Review and by Monsoon Books in Singapore.

Tim Gurung
Hong Kong-based Tim Gurung writes our Indie Spotlight column. He is the self-published author of over twenty-five books, including both fiction and non-fiction, on topics as various the Gurkhas, the afterlife, fatherhood, and women's rights. He writes for the good of people, society and humanity. Please visit his site to find out more about his books.
Lucy Day Hobor
Lucy Day Hobor writes our Backlist Books column. She also writes English lessons for kindergarten and primary students for an education company in Singapore. She knows a thing or two about WordPress and PHP. She reads a lot and keeps a blog about Singapore, English, books and movies (among other things) at

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