Friday 22 April 2016

Shakespeare week: Friday

The Taming of the Shrew staged in Korea
Shakespeare is surely the world's most global playwright? Tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, marks the 400th anniversary of his death, and so all this week I've been posting and sharing relevant links - with a focus on Shakespeare in Asia. 

Today's links
The Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Initiative - the website is published in English, Chines, Japanese and Korean.

Asian Books Blog is scarcely original in running a Shakespeare week, and Goodreads is a much bigger and more influential outfit with the same idea.  They asked famous authors to write scenes supposedly deleted from the plays, including, e.g., Margaret Atwood who wrote a scene deleted from The Tempest - her upcoming novel Hag-Seed will re-imagine the play.

Inspired by Goodreads, I'm inviting readers of Asian Books Blog to imagine postcards home, from Shakespearean characters suddenly teleported and time-transported to modern Asia. If I get any responses, I'll post them on Sunday.  Hamlet sending a postcard to Mum, from Beijing?  Romeo writing to Juliet from Bangkok? Lady Macbeth writing to hubby, following a shopping spree in Hong Kong....????

Postcards in the comments box, please.

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