Thursday, 24 February 2022

Small London Indie Press Leopard Print Releases First Anthology of Asian Stories

This week's Contemporary Voices column is written by Ivy Ngeow as guest writer for Asian Books Blog.  Ivy is a true Renaissance woman (see bio below for all the other hats she also wears). 

We celebrate the first Asian Anthology from Leopard Print. Ivy, take it away...

Small London Indie Press Leopard Print Releases First Anthology of Asian Stories

By Ivy Ngeow, Commissioning Editor,  Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1

Leopard Print was founded in 2019 by Josh Antony Lee and I. With our design and small business backgrounds, the idea was to welcome more books which we loved to read but felt were lacking: beautiful, diverse and eclectic books by the culturally underrepresented. 

         Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1 is a unique first-of-its-kind project, a showcase of short stories and place writing by both new and more established prize-winning writers. Some unexpected, a few surreal and others traditional, these 23 compelling stories of irony, humanity and satire explore a range of subject matter to reveal a glimpse of modern Asian society. Crocodiles in the city, street food fandom, a psychic club meeting in a Penang beach resort. Modern themes such as the chilling consequences of the environmental impact of logging, deforestation and the barbarism of the shark’s fin soup delicacy press on our collective conscience. In the pieces on place writing, the outsider’s view gives insight into the white-guy-in-Asia trope: backpacker, courier and expat company manager. But no Asian fiction is complete without stories of food, family conflict, redemption and reconciliation. Surprising and entertaining, this anthology captures the paradox of richness, diversity and humor that is Asian culture. 

My 30 years in architecture and interior design, and Josh’s in graphic design, have given us deep insight into running a tough creative business such as publishing. There are many parallels with our day careers, from inception to completion, from contract administration to that designer’s eternal quest for perfection. We have never met a deadline we didn’t like. My sideline as a gigging musician and author of several books have taught me how to connect with fans and build a network of followers and readers, i.e. the thick skin. In contrast, the camera-shy Josh makes the ‘executive decisions’. Together, with our team, we are Leopard Print.

Josh Lee, Courtesy of Ivy Ngeow
Ivy Ngeow, Courtesy of Ivy Ngeow

During the blight of 2020-21, we released a novel, Overboard, a short story collection available for free, The Power Ballads, and a series of  how-to lifestyle mini guides (health and fitness and cookbooks) to help readers adapt and cope with the lockdown, the new normal and the working from home phenomenon. 

         Our dream is to read more of the kind of books that we were raised with — international stories with imaginative storytelling on multiple themes such as the diaspora, culture and identity. It is in our collective interest, as readers and writers, to hear more diverse voices. Apart from the requirement for the writing to be set in Asia, writers of any nationality or gender were eligible to submit for this publication, in keeping with Leopard Print’s inclusion and diversity policy. The contributors in this book have come from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Serbia, Austria, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

Where to Buy: 

Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1 ebook was launched on 22 February 2022 and available from Amazon UKAmazon USA,  Barnes & Noble Kobo, Apple and Google. The print edition will be out from 28 February and would be available from all major online retailers such as Amazon, Book Depository,, Waterstones and Blackwells. Launching of the paperback will take place in a Readings event at St Barnabas, London, on Sat 19 March. 4 authors will read their work. Free entry includes a welcome drink. Tickets at Eventbrite. 



Ivy Ngeow was born and raised in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. She holds an MA in Writing from Middlesex University, where she won the 2005 Middlesex University Literary Press Prize out of almost 1500 entrants worldwide. Her debut, Cry of the Flying Rhino (2017), was awarded the International Proverse Prize in Hong Kong. Her novels include Overboard (2020) and Heart of Glass (2018). She lives in London.


Josh Antony Lee is a bookdaddy and founder of Leopard Print, whose aim is to bring out beautiful, diverse and eclectic books. Originally from Singapore, he has lived in Penang and New York. His favorite genres are literary fiction, psychological drama and suspense. When not reading, he enjoys woodwork and wine-tasting, though not at the same time.