Friday, 21 April 2017

The Man Booker International Prize 2017 shortlist announced

The Man Booker International Prize celebrates fiction from around the world translated into English. The judges have now revealed the shortlist for the 2017 prize - the second time it's been awarded.

Each shortlisted author and translator receives GBP 1,000 (USD 1,300 approx.). The GPB 50,000 (USD 64,000 approx.) prize for the winning book will also be divided equally between its author and translator.

No novels from Asia made the shortlist. Yan Lianke’s The Explosion Chronicles was on the longlist, but failed to make the cut.  Still, last year’s inaugural winner, Han Kang’s, The Vegetarian, translated by Deborah Smith, sold 160,000 copies in the UK, which must help promote interest in fiction from Asia in the English-speaking world.

Amos Oz, Israel's most famous living author, and the first to have his work translated into Chinese for an official literature textbook, has made the short list with Judas. He is one of two writers from Israel who have been shortlisted, the other is David Grossman. One writer from South America, Samanta Schweblin, got the nod, and three from Europe: two Scandinavians, Roy Jacobsen and Dorthe Nors and Mathias Enard, a much-lauded novelist from France.
The translators are all established practitioners of their craft: this is the 17th novel by Oz that Nicholas de Lange has translated and Roy Jacobsen’s co-translators Don Bartlett and Don Shaw have worked together many times before.

The shortlist was selected by a panel of five judges, chaired by Nick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and consisting of: Daniel Hahn, an award-winning writer, editor and translator; Elif Shafak, a prize-winning novelist and one of the most widely read writers in Turkey; Chika Unigwe, author of four novels including On Black Sisters’ Street; and Helen Mort, a prize-winning poet.

Nick Barley said:Our shortlist spans the epic and the everyday. From fevered dreams to sleepless nights, from remote islands to overwhelming cities, these wonderful novels shine a light on compelling individuals struggling to make sense of their place in a complex world.”

The winner of the 2017 Prize will be announced in London on 14 June.

The 2017 shortlist

Author                                     Translator                               Title

Mathias Enard                        Charlotte Mandell                    Compass

David Grossman                      Jessica Cohen                         A Horse Walks Into a Bar

Roy Jacobsen                          Don Bartlett &                        The Unseen
(Norway)                                 Don Shaw

Dorthe Nors                            Misha Hoekstra                       Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

Amos Oz                                  Nicholas de Lange                 Judas

Samanta Schweblin                 Megan McDowell                  Fever Dream