Sunday, 19 March 2017

Pirated books recovered from a book binding unit / printing press in Lahore

In a recent raid carried out at a book binding unit / printing press in Lahore around 17,500 pirated copies of Oxford University Press (OUP) textbooks were seized. The raid was conducted by the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Lahore in conjunction with OUP Pakistan. The unit / press was allegedly involved in the printing of around 10,000 unbound; 2,200 finished; and 5,000 jackets of pirated versions of OUP textbooks including New Oxford Modern English, New Countdown MathsNew Oxford Primary Science, New Syllabus Primary Mathematics, and New Oxford Progressive English Readers.   

Book piracy constitutes a punishable offence under the laws of Pakistan. The owner of the book binding unit / printing press, Ghulam Mustafa, will now be subject to severe sanctions. All the pirated materials have been seized by the FIA.

Such infringements of intellectual property rights cause massive losses to publishing industries throughout Asia, to authors, in some cases to governments, and, in this case, to the parents and pupils who have been cheated into buying sub-standard pirated textbooks.

Don’t buy pirated books!!!