Sunday 6 September 2015

The Sunday Post

A rojak* of items that caught my eye this week…

Published Locally Over The Summer

Here is a selection of the books that have come in over the summer from local - Singaporean - publishers. Watch out for more on some of these books in the coming weeks.

From Math Paper Press 

Ten Lovers by Zhang Yueran, translated by Jeremy Tiang
Love, Or Something Like Love by O Thiam Chin
We Rose Up Slowly by Jon Gresham
From The Belly Of The Cat, anthology, edited by Stephanie Ye
Balik Kampung, anthology, edited by Verena Tay

From Epigram Books 

Adrift: My Childhood in Colonial Singapore by David T.K. Wong

From Monsoon Books 

Singapore Yellow by William L. Gibson
Iban Journey by Golda Mowe
Out In The Midday Sun: The British in Malaya 1880 - 1960 by Margaret Shennan

Twitter Spot
Each Sunday I make a suggestion of an interesting Twitter account you may like to follow.  This week, Nicholas Skidmore: @ndskidmore.

Nicholas Skidmore is now based in London, but he was previously a lecturer in Western Literature & Film at Tsinghua University, and he is involved with both Pathlight, the journal of new Chinese writing, and Asymptotea journal dedicated to translation. 

Reminder About Blog Spot And Book Club Spot 

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Calling All Booksellers...
I would love to start a slot in which booksellers recommend between 1 and 3 titles of Asian interest, either new books or backlist, and either fiction, or non-fiction. If you are a bookseller, and you'd be happy to oblige, then, again, please get in touch.

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*A rojak is a Singaporean salad.