Sunday 13 July 2014

Message from Jane Camens

Next week, from from 17-19 July, Singapore is hosting the 2014 conference of the Asia Pacific Writers’ & Translators’ Association (AP Writers). One hundred and fifty writers from around Asia and Australia will be attending Bridging Cultures: Creative Writing and Literary Translation in Asia Today.  

Jane Camens, acting executive director of AP Writers, has this message for readers of Asian Books Blog.

AP Writers began almost 10 years ago with a mission to bring to Asia some of the tremendous resources available to emerging writers in other parts of the world which, at that time, were not available here.

Singapore now has or brings in many of the resources that were missing a decade ago. We are honoured that the City-State is hosting our conference this year as part of its efforts to facilitate writers and help grow networks around Asia and beyond.

Click here for the Bridging Cultures program, which gives a sense of the fascinating and provocative talks and discussions running from next Thursday to Saturday.

Each day starts with a keynote talk by an established author who has gained great respect for her work. Singaporean author Suchen Christine Lim kicks off the event.  Her talk, Bridging/Misrepresenting Cultures in Writing & Translation questions the conference’s premise of bridging cultures through writing.  We then bring together the other two keynote speakers, Linda Jaivin and Merlinda Bobis, for a free-for-all discussion, What is Literature For?

Don’t miss the sessions on what women in Asia write about today and the two sessions on new publishing opportunities.

Authors are also invited to use our conferences to launch their latest books. This year in Singapore at least 15 books will be launched into local and world markets.

Meanwhile, only one of our workshops still has space, so if you haven’t already registered you might have missed out. This is such a great opportunity to work with international mentors.

This year we also gave registered participants the chance of a one-on-one consultation with one of the most successful literary agents in our region, Kelly Falconer. Next year we hope to offer this again, so have your manuscripts in shape by then!

AP Writers events are excellent opportunities to make writer friends around our region - perhaps to get yourself invited to speak or read on other platforms!

If you can’t join us this year, I hope you’ll try to join us in the years ahead. Next year we’ll be in Manila. The year after…we should know after our annual general meeting on Saturday 20th July.

If you are not yet a member of AP Writers you can join at the conference - see me or Ian Smith.

Our Singapore conference would not have been possible without the support of the National Book Development Council of Singapore and The Arts House, with support for a number of visiting writers provided  by the Australian Council for the Arts, the Cultural Fund of Australia’s Copyright Agency, the Prince Claus Fund of the Netherlands,Yale-NUS, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Melbourne PEN and Closetful of Books.  On behalf of AP Writers, I thank all of them.