Sunday, 30 October 2016

Social Sunday

Sundays used to be for lounging with the papers, now they are just as likely for lounging with iPads. So if you're lazily clicking around looking for something to read, here are a few suggestions, focussing on what's going on lit-wise in Asia.

Seen online around the region

This week in Asian Review of Books
See the Asian Review of Books for ever-interesting discussion. Here are links to its newest reviews, excerpts, letters, essays, listings, translations, news items, and round ups:
Half the Sky by Luise Guest reviewed by Stephen Maier

National Novel Writing Month
Don’t forget November is National Novel Writing Month – see previous post.

Twitter and blog spots.
Each Sunday I suggest a Twitter account you may like to follow, and a blog I find interesting – either about books, or about Asia, or both.

Twitter spot
@londonkoreanist Account from Deborah Smith, translator of Han Kang & Bae Suah, and publisher at @TiltedAxisPress a UK-based publishing house focussing on books in translation, and also on

Blog spot
Asian Art Museum Blog, from The Asian Art Museum Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture, in San Francisco. This one of the West’s largest museums devoted to Asian art and culture.

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