Monday 20 July 2015

Read Paper Republic

Paper Republic is a collective of literary translators, promoting new Chinese fiction in translation. Last month it launched a fantastic year-long initiative, Read Paper Republic, for readers who are unfamiliar with Chinese fiction, but who wonder what new Chinese fiction in English translation has to offer in manageable formats - so no 500 page novels. 
The first story was published on 18th June, and running through until June next year, Paper Republic will publish a complete free-to-view short story, or essay, or poem, by a contemporary Chinese writer, every Thursday - 52 in total.
So far they've published stories by A Yi, Li Juan, Dorothy Tse, Zhang Yueran and Wang Xiaobo. Any readers interested in finding out more about these authors' work, or about the work of their translators, can find extensive links on the Paper Republic site. 

In August Read Paper Republic will offer a quartet of pieces by women writers to tie in with Women in Translation month.

Browse the stories published so far here. 

If, through the coming year, you want to send in quick reviews of any of the stories, I'll include them in The Sunday Post round-up - send them to Thanks.