Sunday, 13 April 2014

Seen Elsewhere: London Book Fair / Korean Market Focus and Cultural Programme

The London Book Fair 2014 is now over.  As noted in earlier posts, Korea was selected as the county for this year's Market Focus, and the accompanying Cultural Programme.  Here is a quick round-up of how both initiatives have been reported around the web. 

The London Book Fair - click around the site for updates on the Korean Market Focus.

The British Council  - click around the site for updates on the Korean Cultural Programme.

The Korean Blog - a Korean perspective on the London Book Fair.

English PEN  - an account of Shirley Lee challenging assumptions about North Korea through an examination of its love poetry, as part of the Korean Cultural Programme.

The Guardian (UK) - the ten Korean writers chosen to visit the London Book Fair discuss the problems of living in a divided country.

Publishing Perspectives (US) - New York agent Barbara Zwiter on bringing Korean literature to world markets.

Publishing Perspectives (US) - an account of discussion between Korean author Yi Mun-Yol, writer Marina Warner, and publisher Christopher Maclehose as part of the Cultural Programme. 

Moving away from the Korean focus: 
See here for  CCTV (China) reporting from London on the digital future of publishing, seen from a Chinese perspective. 

See here for Xinhua (China) reporting from London on why China's economic development is leading worldwide to growing interest in literature from China.

See here for The Straits Times (Singapore) reporting on Singapore's delegation to the London Book Fair.

Mexico has been chosen as the Market Focus country for the London Book Fair in 2015. 

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