Friday 14 February 2014

Penguin India pulps The Hindus: An Alternative History

Penguin India has decided to pull American professor Wendy Doniger's book  The Hindus: An alternative history, after some people in the country alleged it defamed the Hindu religion.

Here’s a small sample of comment from around the web:

Arundhati Roy's reaction, reported in The Telegraph (UK)

The Times of India

The Economic Times (India)

Legally India

Publishing Perspectives (An American-based, on-line magazine of international news and opinion relevant to publishing)

The New York Times

The Guardian (UK)


Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

And so on and so forth. 

Here's  Wendy Doniger's response to having her book banned, reported in The Wall Street Journal.

Here's Penguin India's response to the outcry, reported by the BBC.

UPDATE: 20 Feb 2014, this is interesting from Publishing Perspectives, giving an account of the continuing fallout from Penguin's decision.